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I don't think this comic is really working. Traffic is even farther down now than it was when I started, and that's saying a lot. Right now, well over two thirds of the traffic on this site is from me personally, and the forum is basically dead, so I'm not getting any feedback. It seems like nobody is interested in the comic, me included. The drawing is very much not my best stuff, I rushed the character designs badly and the backgrounds (or lack thereof) in the current scene are killing the visual punch of this comic at a time when I literally can't loose any more readers. The story isn't great either; it starts off extremely slow, and takes a long time (basically, what's going on right now) to ramp up to the "normal" pace, which itself isn't a story that I find particularly intriguing or gripping, and I'm writing the blasted thing.

So, what to do... As I see it, I've got four options. One, I can keep doing this comic, and bring it through to it's conclusion, in the hopes that it will somehow improve. Two, I can drop this comic and focus on Cion (if Adapa ever gets back from wherever he went). Three, I can drop this comic and start a new one to replace it. Or, four, I can quit doing comics. Right now, I'm leaning towards option three, but if anyone's got any words of wisdom, I'd be ecstatic to hear from them.

Anyway, I've got a week or two worth of this comic done in advance, so I should be able to spin it out long enough for me to nail down the next stage of whatever happens here without breaking the flow.

Comic updates on Monday and Friday, for the moment. Any comments, whatever, feel free to mail me.